About frustration

Rage guy

Frustration is good. I like frustration. I embrace it.

Nothing bad comes out of frustration. All bad things and all declines come from lack of frustration. When everything is working fine and as expected, everybody sits on their asses not doing anything thus not evolving. Why did people invent things? Because they were frustrated by the current state. Why revolutions happen? Because everything was going fine? Governments and kings were brought down because of people’s frustration, economies have boomed because of frustration. On the other hand, economies went down because of the lack of frustration.

Do you think Picasso was a happy man? How about Tesla? Linus made Linux because they didn’t have a GNU kernel. Was Bill Gates happy with the state of IT and personal computers before he started Microsoft? No. Everyone, every single one of the great people that built what we call today’s world was NOT happy about something and decided to do something about it.

Embrace frustration and consider it as an opportunity to change the world by taking action to get rid of that frustration.


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