The doorman

At the office building where I spend most of the day there’s a new security guy who also acts as a doorman. Of course, there’s another one which reminds me of my high-school teachers when he goes all “Sir, you can’t smoke here” but that’s another story.

I have a well paid white collar job but it’s not the suit wearing, golf playing, uptight kind of person job. So when I go out for a smoke or come back to work after lunch there’s this guy who sees me from quite far away, opens the door for me, gives me a smiling “have a nice day” which makes it all awkward. Sometimes I enter the building from the other side or use the other door (when he opens the first door for someone else) or use the revolving door. But If I use the revolving door when he opens the door for me then I look like an asshole.

This Seinfeld type of situation is really messing with my hygge.


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