WTF, world?

Netflix loses 800,000 subscribers, shares drop more than 35 percent

I can’t believe people bitching about the Netflix price increase. I remember the first time I used Netflix in 2008. Coming from Romania, where our streaming methods were more or less orthodox, Netflix was a pure gold. Since I subscribed I knew that this company will be big. The customer service was awesome and so was the movie selection.

Now, they have raised their prices. Who gives a crap? They need to stay profitable to exist. Now, the film production companies need money too (you know.. for gold-plated cars and such) and Netflix needs to adapt to that. Now, paying $20/month for DVDs is not a big deal IMHO. BTW, the instant streaming has a wide selection of _good_ movies so I don’t get the “lost subscribers” bit. When I say good movies I mean mostly independent European movies, not the Hollywood buffalocrap.

Stop bitching about Netflix, go after Apple who sells a big mobile phone manufactured in China for $200+ and please don’t kill a company which actually adds value and was a pioneer in the online movie business.


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