About meat

(photo via animalsbeingdicks) Yes.. yes.. you should be distracted when reading this post by the awesomeness of this awesome cow.

So this weekend I had an idea. Contrary to my wife’s suggestions I wanted to bake some beef roulade. Easy, right? Just take some beef, thin cut it, slam it a couple of times (to make it flatter), fill it with what the cow usually eats (veggies), roll it up and throw it in the oven for a couple of hours.

I went to a large retailer and bought a little over 5 pounds of USDA choice top round steak. After bringing it home and tearing the packaging I noticed a weird smell of the meat. Like a smell of old cow mixed with chemicals. Oh well, whatever, probably I have to wash it… I tried to cut it, tried to tenderize it with the mallet (regular ordinary Romanian style – splatting blood all over the counter) but all in vain. The most inflexible and hard meat I ever encountered. Epic failure. Long story short.. the roulade didn’t work out and wifey made some meatballs and Romanian meatloaf.


Lesson? I’m not buying meat from that retailer anymore. I usually avoid it for food-related items (I prefer the beautiful lie of stores filled with organic food) not because I care for the environment or the animals, but because it usually tastes worse… Worse as in incomparable with the food I used to eat back in Romania.


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