How to eat vegetables

With many thanks to my wife I present to you my dessert*:


*) yes, sweets are usually out.




About frustration

Rage guy

Frustration is good. I like frustration. I embrace it.

Nothing bad comes out of frustration. All bad things and all declines come from lack of frustration. When everything is working fine and as expected, everybody sits on their asses not doing anything thus not evolving. Why did people invent things? Because they were frustrated by the current state. Why revolutions happen? Because everything was going fine? Governments and kings were brought down because of people’s frustration, economies have boomed because of frustration. On the other hand, economies went down because of the lack of frustration.

Do you think Picasso was a happy man? How about Tesla? Linus made Linux because they didn’t have a GNU kernel. Was Bill Gates happy with the state of IT and personal computers before he started Microsoft? No. Everyone, every single one of the great people that built what we call today’s world was NOT happy about something and decided to do something about it.

Embrace frustration and consider it as an opportunity to change the world by taking action to get rid of that frustration.

Increasing your testosterone

Since I started lifting weights I started to be more interested in being more efficient in muscle building. One of the numerous ways to maximize muscle gains/fat loss and overall manliness is to increase your testosterone levels. Ideally this needs to be done naturally, not using illegal or borderline illegal ways (like anabolic steroids).

I did a lot of bing’ing for a while and I came up with my own personal list of things to do to increase testosterone levels. Now, there’s no easy way of determine your testosterone level so this can be considered a bunch of crap until proven otherwise:

  1. Decrease your stress levels. Stress increases your cortisol levels and decreases your testosterone. This is a hard one to do in this day and age. People will argue “nothing can stress you unless you allow it” but I consider this approach to put on more stress because It blames you for your stress. There’s nobody to blame here. Stress is your organism’s natural reaction. There’s nothing you can do about it except for trying to minimize its effects. There was something I read once on a can of Talking Rain: “As in life, chill for best results.”. That’s exactly what you should do: chill. You know the idiom lots of people like to swing around like “the demasculinization of the american man”? Yeah.. stress is one of the things that causes this.
  2. Get rid of the excess fat. A full blown vicious circle. Testosterone helps you lose weight faster but excess weight makes your testosterone levels go down. Not much advice to give out here as the answer is simple: find the perfect balance between eating less and moving more.
  3. Have more sex or get aroused more often. Giggdy!!
  4. Lift heavy. Lift heavy weights and do compound exercises. Get rid of biceps curls as a primary exercise, stick to the pullups, etc.. Nothing makes you feel more manly than a hardcore workout. And then you get out of the gym and face the world and everything comes back to normal.
  5. Get the normal amount of Zinc. They say that a Zinc deficiency will decrease testosterone levels.
  6. Eat like a man. That is, get your share of animal protein and fats. Don’t ever starve (to achieve 2) as your body will think the big hunger is coming so it will naturally decrease testosterone as you don’t need to reproduce to survive. Don’t eat soy as they say it helps the ladies, not the gents. I have the following rule of thumb: if it doesn’t comes from something that used to walk around and eat then go eat something that used to walk around and eat. To get the good types of fat (monounsaturated) go eat nuts. Actually, if you eat nuts and meat for breakfast you will lose fat as this will keep your blood sugar levels constant until lunch. And BTW, don’t be scared of cholesterol. Only diet and health freaks are scared of cholesterol. A big, muscular dude that eats good fiber shouldn’t care too much about cholesterol. Also, in terms of eating what food eats, go for cruciferous veggies (peppers, cabbage, broccoli).
  7. Don’t smoke, don’t drink.
And that’s about it. Nothing here is scientifically proven by me but supposedly it was by someone at some point that it was out there on the internets. And we all know, the internets is always right.


The doorman

At the office building where I spend most of the day there’s a new security guy who also acts as a doorman. Of course, there’s another one which reminds me of my high-school teachers when he goes all “Sir, you can’t smoke here” but that’s another story.

I have a well paid white collar job but it’s not the suit wearing, golf playing, uptight kind of person job. So when I go out for a smoke or come back to work after lunch there’s this guy who sees me from quite far away, opens the door for me, gives me a smiling “have a nice day” which makes it all awkward. Sometimes I enter the building from the other side or use the other door (when he opens the first door for someone else) or use the revolving door. But If I use the revolving door when he opens the door for me then I look like an asshole.

This Seinfeld type of situation is really messing with my hygge.

About meat

(photo via animalsbeingdicks) Yes.. yes.. you should be distracted when reading this post by the awesomeness of this awesome cow.

So this weekend I had an idea. Contrary to my wife’s suggestions I wanted to bake some beef roulade. Easy, right? Just take some beef, thin cut it, slam it a couple of times (to make it flatter), fill it with what the cow usually eats (veggies), roll it up and throw it in the oven for a couple of hours.

I went to a large retailer and bought a little over 5 pounds of USDA choice top round steak. After bringing it home and tearing the packaging I noticed a weird smell of the meat. Like a smell of old cow mixed with chemicals. Oh well, whatever, probably I have to wash it… I tried to cut it, tried to tenderize it with the mallet (regular ordinary Romanian style – splatting blood all over the counter) but all in vain. The most inflexible and hard meat I ever encountered. Epic failure. Long story short.. the roulade didn’t work out and wifey made some meatballs and Romanian meatloaf.


Lesson? I’m not buying meat from that retailer anymore. I usually avoid it for food-related items (I prefer the beautiful lie of stores filled with organic food) not because I care for the environment or the animals, but because it usually tastes worse… Worse as in incomparable with the food I used to eat back in Romania.

WTF, world?

Netflix loses 800,000 subscribers, shares drop more than 35 percent

I can’t believe people bitching about the Netflix price increase. I remember the first time I used Netflix in 2008. Coming from Romania, where our streaming methods were more or less orthodox, Netflix was a pure gold. Since I subscribed I knew that this company will be big. The customer service was awesome and so was the movie selection.

Now, they have raised their prices. Who gives a crap? They need to stay profitable to exist. Now, the film production companies need money too (you know.. for gold-plated cars and such) and Netflix needs to adapt to that. Now, paying $20/month for DVDs is not a big deal IMHO. BTW, the instant streaming has a wide selection of _good_ movies so I don’t get the “lost subscribers” bit. When I say good movies I mean mostly independent European movies, not the Hollywood buffalocrap.

Stop bitching about Netflix, go after Apple who sells a big mobile phone manufactured in China for $200+ and please don’t kill a company which actually adds value and was a pioneer in the online movie business.